what’s floating around in my fish bowl

  • how irritated I am with myself for not being more on the ball with spring parktakes (community rec center) classes for Adelaide. There are still some spots open in a few things, but they’ve gotten expensive and I’m not sure it’s worth it. I think we might just concentrate on Gymboree makeups and playdates for a couple months and then hit the summer classes. They might be my last opportunity for enrichment stuff with Adelaide before I have to rejoin the workforce this fall. Bummer.
  • how nice it is to be feeling more comfortable on my runs, which are happening almost exclusively after Adelaide goes down for the night. Night running is the way to go. Except for the urge to snack afterwards. That’s maybe not super great so late in the day. I feel like there’s a post coming about this.
  • Crossfit. It feels like I should be doing it, especially since they just opened a new spot in my area that also offers yoga and childcare three days a week. The Universe is like, “Dude. Do I have to draw you a map?”
  • whether or not I should respond to the text Chemistry sent me today and what I should say. Do I want to go out with him again? I’m not sure. Maybe. But if I don’t, I have no idea how to approach that. It’s a little weird that I’m 33 and have pretty much zero experience in telling people “it’s not you, it’s me” or whatever. Awkward.
  • what it means that Bruce hasn’t been in touch since the 6th and how I feel about it. I think I’m okay with it, even though I’m pretty sure it means he’s lost interest, but I’ll admit I’m curious as to what prompted the change.
  • how Adelaide is about to spend 10 days away from me (March 22-31), which is the longest we’ve ever been separated. I’m waffling between panic and excitement (and of course guilt because of the latter).
  • why the ludicrously expensive preschool called me the other day (which I just figured out this evening while looking at my call log). So now I’m on pins and needles about calling them back tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’m hoping for. If she got in, I have to start thinking about whether I can afford it or if I’m going to defer. If she didn’t get in, the pressure’s off on feeling guilty about not being able to realistically afford to send her there . . . but then I have to start worrying about whether or not she’ll get in at one of the other two places. Ugh. This is like waiting to find out which colleges want me. I didn’t care for that either.
  • whether or not the set up guy will have time to meet Adelaide this weekend. Big stuff, peeps. Big stuff.