I started a very long post tonight … twice.

Because Tumblr ate it … twice.


Getting a little tired of this, Tumblr.

So now I’m settling for a bullet list and saving the big post for tomorrow. Because I’m pouting. And getting sleepy.

Here’s what’s happening with me:

  • I make the trip to Raleigh again tomorrow to go get Adelaide. After 10 days, I am beyond ready. It’s been nice to have so much free time, but I never spend it well (long weekend with the set-up guy excluded, obviously). I feel guilty when I’m loafing around but irritated when I’m actually doing productive things. It’s a little twisted.
  • I only have a few more days to decide if I want Adelaide to go to the super expensive preschool I loved. (Did I mention she got in? I can’t remember.) This includes not only paperwork but also a hefty deposit. One that makes me feel a little sweaty.
  • Money’s getting pretty tight already and I have no idea—considering I think all future support payments will come to me through family court—when the next check is coming. My guess is not until the end of this month. Which is a little scary.
  • Spring fever. The weather here today was beyond gorgeous. I’ve got sandals and sundresses on the brain.
  • I feel like I’ve got 5 or 6 much more interesting posts half composed in my brain, so hopefully this will be my last boring list for a while.

I can’t wait to see this face tomorrow.


 Hmmm. A first haircut for Adelaide might need to go on my bullet list …